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green mouse icons

Real life plea to all my icon lovers...

Hey guys!

One of my best friends was ill earlier this year and without health insurance had to have a surgery he can't afford. I am a sad broke sailor and I'm currently unemployed, so my resources other than my time, energy, love, and yarn, are sadly limited.

Here's the deal. I'm busy making hats. Crazy amounts of hats. And I have my *entire* knitted collection already. This includes katamari-esque boodle hats, Twilight hats, zombie hats, even a pair of Bella's cabled mittens that I wore to my sister Eden's wedding. I love all of these hats and knit items, and I am going to take them off and sell them in a knit and crochet blogathon. The plan is to post in a cycle of video post with me wearing the hat, photo post of the hat, why I love the hat and a silent auction in comments trying to raise donations for John's surgery fund, with the hat (or other items) as a reward. I'm also going to try and make as many hats as possible the day before the event and will blog about that process. I am willing to donate free shipping for the items if, instead of paying me for them, the funds you would have paid me for the hat goes to John's Surgery Pledge Drive. There are no words for what a wonderful friend, writer, and human being my friend John is. So I'm asking for the help of my friends and family in this. If you love handmade items, or know someone who does, please save the link or pass it on. If you'd like to support the blogathon directly and want to donate a certain amount per post, that would be fantastic as well.

Please friend hatsforjohn, follow it, favorite it, and please help me to give back to a talented writer and great friend. If you'd like to see examples of his amazing and hilarious flash fiction you can find it at The Bathroom Monologues.

I will be starting the blogathon tomorrow morning at 10am. For my icon journal friends I will be taking requests for icons. I will do batches of icons for small donations to John's cause...if you've been wanting an icon for a while but I haven't been around to make it for you, now is the time. Ping hatsforjohn with your request tomorrow morning.

Thanks for joining me!.